Jenkkibändi Five Finger Death Punch vahvistaa miehistönmuutoksen

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Jenkkibändi Five Finger Death Punch on vahvistanut kitaristi Jason Hookin jättäneen yhtyeen jo helmikuussa. Terveysongelmien johdosta Hook joutui jättämään alkuvuoden keikkoja väliin.

Hook liityi bändiin vuonna 2009. Lähdölle mies ei pysty nimeämään vain yhtä syytä. Mies on soittanut bändeissä "koko ikänsä", joten nyt on aika tehdä jotain muuta.

Bändin uusi kitaristi on Andy James.

Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH confirms it parted ways with guitarist Jason Hook back in February 2020, during the band's sold out European arena tour. After his recovery from emergency gallbladder surgery at the end of last year, Jason had to leave midway from the band’s tour of Europe to address further complications. “I have had the pleasure of meeting so many of you in person. Thank you for the endless stories of how our music has touched your heart in some way! But the best part of being on tour the last 12 years, by far, has been playing my guitar and seeing the joy on your faces every night. I will miss that more than anything. As far the reason I’m leaving…well, there really isn’t just one. I’ve been in bands my entire life and I feel like I’ve done all the good that I can here. It’s time to pass the baton and move on to new challenges” – Says Jason about his departure 5FDP have released 8 studio albums and two greatest hits compilations in 13 years and toured relentlessly. They are often called the “hardest working band in the industry” with very little personal time left outside of the band. At Jason’s suggestion, all parties came to a mutual agreement, that it’s best if he steps away from his rigorous band duties altogether. Consequently, Jason handed over the torch to the band's new lead guitarist, renowned British virtuoso ANDY JAMES who is featured on “Broken World”, one of the five previously unreleased tracks on Decade of Destruction, Volume 2. “Jason is an incredible guitar player so we had to find someone on the absolute top of their game. Someone like Andy James who was already a well-known virtuoso and had the chops to step into Jason’s shoes. Andy completed our European Tour with us back in February so he was already tried by fire. We instantly clicked both musically and personally so he was the obvious choice. We even have the same birthday… Some things are just meant to be,” explains Zoltan. “I just congratulated Jason on his recent wedding, and I hope he finds peace and happiness. As for us, I’m really excited to keep working with Andy and I just can’t wait for this Covid madness to be over so we can go back out on the road,” adds Ivan

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