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Näin Kimi Räikkönen kommentoi varmistunutta jatkopestiään Alfa Romeolla

30.10.2020 klo 10.26 | Luettu: 949 kertaa | Teksti: J.A. Kaunisto

Kimi Räikkönen jatkaa F1-kuvioissa myös ensi vuonna.

Kimin jatkopesti Alfa Romeolla on julkistettu sopivasti Alfa Romeon kotikisan alla.

Myös Kimin tallikaveri Antonio Giovinazzi allekirjoitti jatkopaperin.

Kimi kehuu Alfa Romeon tiimiä kuin toiseksi perheekseen:

"Alfa Romeo Racing ORLEN is more than a team to me, it is like a second family. So many of the faces that were around me when I made my Formula One debut in 2001 are still here and the unique atmosphere of this team is what gives me that extra motivation to keep going in what will be my 19th season in the sport, next year. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t believe in the team’s project and in what we feel we can achieve together. This is a team that values hard work over words and this fits well with my style: I am looking forward to next year and hopefully making some steps forward towards the front of the midfield with the team".

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