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Kuka muu muka - David Guetta jälleen paras

18.10.2021 klo 14.17 | Luettu: 285 kertaa | Teksti: J.A. Kaunisto

Kuka muu muka - David Guetta on voittanut vuoden 2021 parhaan DJ:n pystin DJ Mag Top 100:ssa.

Guetta teki saman tempun jo vuonna 2020 eli voittoputkea pukkaa.

"I feel blessed. I’ve been working really hard this year, we took @unitedathome to new heights, finally reunited on the dancefloor and I’ve released more music than ever. It’s been amazing to play new music live and the energy and reactions from the crowd is what keeps me going after all these years. Music is my passion and to be able to live that everyday is all thanks to my fans".

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