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Lars Ulrichin poika Bryce täytti 12 vuotta - hymystä tunnistaa isänsä pojaksi!

23.05.2019 klo 09.47 | Luettu: 558 kertaa | Teksti: J.A. Kaunisto

Metallica Lars Ulrich onnittelee somessa poikaansa Brycea, joka täytti 12 vuotta.

"You’re the coolest, coziest, cutest, silliest, kindest and most next level awesome kooky kid in the Galaxy".

Lars on lisännyt someen kuvaa myös 16 vuoden takaa ja mies rumpupatteriston takana näyttää selvästi Brycelta - nuorukaisella on selvästi isänsä hymy!

Metallica jatkaa WorldWired-kiertueen Euroopan osiota jälleen 6.8. Hämeenlinnassa bändi soittaa 16.7.

Näytä tämä julkaisu Instagramissa.

16 years ago today, on May 22nd 2003, we played the last show of a 4-concert series at the Fillmore in San Francisco to launch the St. Anger campaign. It was incredible to be back at it again after the longest stretch away we'd had up to that point in our career, and so cool to connect with our fans again after the ups and downs of the previous couple years that were so well-documented in the Some Kind of Monster movie. Additionally these 4 gigs were for members of the Fan Club only and the energy in the room on each of the nights was one notch more special because we were playing to the die-hard fans who had traveled in from all over the world and were so appreciative and maybe even relieved that we were still functioning after the trials, tribulations and uncertainties of the previous couple years… Off we fucking went into the world we knew so well once again...even with questionable facial hair and shorts, but at least still playing shirt-less loud and proud!! #wanna

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